Closing the financial year just got easier

Closing the financial year can be made easier with real-time cash management. It is that time of year when you gather around your staff and ask to make things straight.

You ask this as you know that in order to close the year, you and your team will, in synchronous, be scrolling up and down spreadsheets, sifting through yellow Stick-Its, searching through files of forecasted numbers, flicking through presentations and reading long forgotten meeting-minutes. The leader in you will ask for “teamwork” and “collaboration” until wait!…”who has reset the login to the bank accounts!?”. Yes.  You know the annual drill.

Cash management systems have been around for quite a while, they do the basics for us: retrieve account balances, highlight some risk around foreign currencies your business holds and those informative cash flow charts. All good. Well, not really. It’s all about timing. You need the information now

Ever needed to find a specific transaction or the actual value of funds available as they are now, in real-time, live? Not the balance with “yesterday’s value date”, or  the “funds available no later than the next business day”. You have to provide an answer to a simple question from the management, right on the spot. You require the number to plug into that empty rubric and complete that report.

Frustration hits as you place too much energy into gathering these simple numbers, rather than having the numbers work for you…and you are not alone. In fact, treasury executives consider difficulty in obtaining up-to-date views on cash position one of the top challenges, according to Barclay’s Next Generation Treasury Report. Wouldn’t it be nice to free up your time from the tedious details, so you can actually deal with advanced strategies and see the big picture, at last?

Treasurers report on difficulties in obtaining up to date cash positions


Using open banking and strong security protocols, Certomo achieves a real-time representation of your business’ banking information. That is, all your corporate bank accounts, in any currency, anywhere around the globe. Today, you can zoom out to obtain a birds-eye view of the business, with advanced forecasting and execution tools, or immediately retrieve a specific transaction, or the balance of your account down to the cent. It’s as easy as searching for information on the web. Type what you are looking for and AI can do the rest. Search for “Office supplies purchased in January USD” will return all USD payables to vendors that provided such services during January from all of your business accounts. Today you can reduce the monthly and quarterly closing cycles down to minutes, which means availability to tackle other challenges. No “why didn’t someone think of that before!”

It’s time to unveil the power of your data, to learn how you can leverage it and take your financial data to the next level.

certomo cash management laptop

Certomo is a holistic financial aggregation suite that lets international businesses manage their entire banking portfolio in real-time, using a unique algorithm and AI capabilities.  We’ve learnt that businesses that operate across several regions and often transact with various banks and currencies face unique challenges related to forecasting and real-time access to critical financial data.
Our solution serves the financial team, allows them to leverage and apply data to advanced strategies that dramatically improve liquidity, as well as financing, operational & FX risk management.

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