Frequently Asked Questions

Who can use Certomo?

Certomo is a financial aggregation platform serving Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), treasurers, controllers and other financial executives. Certomo provides international businesses with the ability to manage value, liquidity and risk. Read more.

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How do I set up an account?

Once you’ve decided to join our global network of businesses and their financial executives, it is time to set up an account. Please contact us and we will send you the instructions. As security is our highest priority, we will send an email asking you to confirm that you are who you claim to be. You can then start to add your financial accounts.

Financial accounts are any banks accounts you would like Certomo to consolidate for you. Remember, as long as there is access to a financial account over the internet, you can use it from anywhere in the world and add it to Certomo.

How do I link my financial accounts?

View real-time status of all your business accounts, in all banks and currencies within minutes. Analyse your business, view strategies associated to your entire portfolio and make immediate decisions that can be executed directly from the Certomo application. 

Once logged in, under the Security menu item, you will find “Authentication” (Security →Authentication) , then click on the ⊕ on the top of the accounts list.

For each country and bank you will be presented the methods available to connect your account. Please follow the instructions below to link a new bank account:

  1. Add a bank account using open banking OAuth2 (where applicable).
  2. Add a bank account using your log in.
  3. Add a bank account by importing a file.

Once your financial accounts have been added and you have provided Certomo authenticated consent to present your banking data, this account will be added to your dashboard and you can commence the work associated with this account. All aggregated data will be updated with the information coming for this new financial account.

Are you storing or recording my passwords? 

We’re taking the confidentiality of your data seriously. Your financial data and passwords are not, and never will be, stored on our platform. We only display the data for you, in real-time.
Please read more about Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and other security measures we use, to ensure that your data is safe and sound.