Certomo is a financial aggregation platform serving Chief Financial Officers (CFOs), treasurers, controllers and other financial executives.
Certomo provides international businesses with the ability to manage value, liquidity and risk. Our Product offers a full dashboard view for all of a business’ accounts; finds the optimal, most cost-effective route to move money.
Certomo provides access and analytics of the authorized bank accounts to conduct funding, risk and cash activities such as:

  • Business to business financing
  • Faster distribution of funds
  • Real-time position of cash
  • Liquidity across all accounts
  • Global Pooling & Sweeps
  • Currency risk management

Cash management:
Real-time consolidated global account view

CFOs, money manager, controllers and other financial executives often transact at multiple financial institutions and manage multiple bank accounts with different currencies across the globe. Data is broadly scattered around various sources; great resources and at times manual labour are required in order to compile and analyze the data.
Certomo provides an aggregated, real-time view of the entire portfolio, allowing CFOs and treasurers to make faster decisions, better manage risk and improve liquidity.

certomo cash management

Add all your financial accounts in minutes; adjust exchange rates; review transactions in various accounts; easily analyze your data, populate various reports, graphs, charts and tools. You can review data by bank account; currency; time period; incoming vs. outgoing funds and more.

Optimized routing options

We believe that a cross-border funds transfer shouldn’t take 3 business days.
We aim to give CFOs and treasurers control over routing information, so they can make better choices in real-time and optimize their cash position.
Our algorithms find and suggest the fastest and most cost-effective route to move money, provide clear instructions for execution, with an option for same day transfer, next day transfer and execution on strategies- such as cash pooling, concentration and more. All using the security of the banking system.

Business-to-business financing hub

A business often needs instantaneous access to funds in a remote location.
In these cases, even same-day or next-day swift are not sufficient to facilitate liquidity.
Additionally, businesses often face a long approval process when submitting a trade financing application to the bank. In many cases the applications are being rejected, and the result is foregone trade.
You can now access our business-to-business financing hub, in which firms gain access to available funds across the globe. The request you place in the marketplace will be matched by an available counterpart. All transactions are being safely executed through open banking technology and smart contracting.

Key Benefits

  • New alternatives to moving value between accounts allows international businesses to save money, streamline operational expenditure and open more options to financing.
  • Real-time display of all financial assets with full dashboard capabilities.
  • Agile approach to execution of financial tactics leveraging a global network of corporates and financial institutions.
  • Intuitive interface provides easy and fast setup through open banking authorization standards.
  • Funds movement and agreements are executed on smart contracts and are validated by a distributed consensus in a blockchain environment.